Culturewise services

Culturewise designs and conducts programs/presentations based on your need. Please contact Culturewise for a concrete offer within Culturewise’s services:

Cultural Intelligence
How do we get the rightly balanced leadership style? how do we focus on motivational factors? communication style? or distance meetings? Culturewise help you realise how your collaborations partners’ work cultures are different and alike – and why, and how to design the right solutions in your team, when you are for example doing cross-border business, negotiating in India or conducting sale in Denmark.

Expat coaching
What are succes factors when working and moving abroad? What other factors are important other than a good logistic setup?  eg. what could be done differently as a leader abroad? what should NOT be done differently?, what does it require for your family to thrive? and what support is important from your company?

Effective learning designs
In a cross-cultural setting there are many different expectation to the role as facilitator/teacher and learner/student. Even the words coach has different meanings depending on where you are located in the world. In the Nordic countries “coach” means “someone who asks questions and helps the learner to realize him/herself”. In other parts of the world “coach” means “someone who knows how to tread the paths and shows this to the learner”. What is required in terms of training or organizational development design when you work internationally?

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